World is Waiting

Art Direction

Inspirato’s 2020 Q2 campaign and its ‘Make More Memories’ promotion started right when the pandemic began to impact the U.S. Trying to sell travel during a time of uncertainty, worry, and zero travel was definitely a challenge. We positioned the entire campaign to center around hope and looking towards the future. Using a soft and soothing color palette, paired with hopeful and inspiring imagery, I was able to convey the message of “The World is Waiting. Let’s Go.”


Running alongside the brand campaign, we began our sales promotion that happens twice a year. We wanted it to pair well with the current campaign, but spark more excitement and energy to travel. I brought over the ‘Let’s Go’ from the previous campaign, and created a new lockup. I paired that with a brighter color palette and livelier imagery. This promotion netted over $20M in 2 weeks and was one of our largest sales to date. The promotion solely included digital elements.