Naked Wines Email

Art Direction

We decided to take a closer look at Naked Wines’ email marketing. The emails were a mixture of either text-only or imagery based with text overlaid. They were also being fully designed in Photoshop. After evaluating, we opted to move forward with an updated templated HTML module design. Using email best practices, I built and designed 50+ interchangeable stacking modules within Figma and set them up as components to be used easily across the global creative teams. I also established a standardized font styles library to ensure consistency. We also revamped the look of all header images and set up base templates to work off of. A sample of modules built were: updated headers and footers, content blocks, featured wine bottle blocks, polling options, video content, standardized buttons, and more.


By moving all of the email design into Figma, we reduced the time to design emails by 90%.